Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stolen Moments Sale!

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Sales... sales... April is apparently the month of sales. Stolen Moments is having a Now & Later sale. Right now until April 15th, if you buy anything in Amber's shop, you will receive a coupon for the same amount to spend in the second half of the month! So... go spend $5 and get a coupon for $5.... Or better yet, go spend $20 and get a coupon for $20! Shopping.....
Did you know that Amber of Stolen Moments also hosts several challenges at Digital Candy? Yep, yep! One of them is called WHET YOUR PALETTE. In this challenge, you are given a color palette, and you either make a mini-kit or layout using those colors. You get participation points to go toward a GC at the store, AND this super cute freebie! So whatcha waiting for? Not hard, right? Click on the preview to go to the forum.
Amber is also hosting an element challenge this month at Digital Candy. Oh, So Sweet! Elements Confection Challenge is a challenge where Amber has you use your elements in creative and out-of-the-box ways. You also rack up the points in this challenge. So be sure to play along!

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