Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speed Scrap!

Here is my layout I did during this afternoon's speed scrap.

Here are the instructions:

1. Pick 5 papers. One should be solid and have worn edges. The other 4 should be patterned.
Place the patterned paper as your back ground, and place the worn edged paper on top.
If you do not have any worn papers in your stash, shrink the top solid paper so that it covers most of the patterned paper with just a little bit of pattern showing through.
Save the other papers for the next step.

2. Pick two pictures. Crop them the same size and shape, no bigger than 2 inches high and no bigger than 3 inches wide. You can leave them square if you want, or rectangular.
Crop your three remaining papers to the same exact shape/size.
Then, arrange them on your page in a vertical row, alternating photo and paper.

3. Pick either 2 different colored, or two different fasteners to "fasten" your papers and photos.

4. Place a string or element border behind your paper and photos... peaking out some.

5. Element up ladies! Buttons, flowers, umbrellas whatever floats your boat, but don't let the elements take over your papers and photos.

6. Title your page. Use colors from your background paper and accent papers (not the worn paper) to make your title. If you've done a speed scrap with me before, you know I am a BIG fan of the word art-y looking titles.

7. Post to the speed scrap gallery and post a link back here so we can all leave love. PLEASE do not forget to credit the designer(s) whose kit you used for the page you did. :)

I used the Amanda Heimann kit, Magicial Memories for this LO.

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