Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New Blog and a New Store!

So to celebrate my new store's opening, I have a new blog!

The Graham Like the Cracker Blog

All of my posts will be there from now on.


The Wyld Graham Crackers have a blog!

Our CT has their own blog now!

and they are giving stuff away!

Go check out the Wyld Graham Crackers


Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't forget the chat tomorrow night!

Val made this darling flyer for our chat tomorrow... make sure you join us!

7 PM Pacific in the DSA Chat room!

Did you join the forum at Daydreamer Designworks yet? I have decided to up the ante... If you list me (Jen) as your referrer AND send me a PM to tell me you've joined, I will enter you into a drawing to win one of my kit bundles! Plus you will get a GOOD coupon for my grand opening weekend.

A little market research... win a free kit!

At the new forum the fabulous Miss Valerie posted some questions and I thought I would love to know your answers to these as well.

1) When speaking of Alpha's do you prefer single .png files or sheets? If only one is offered does it deter you from your purchase? Or does it not matter at all?

2) What do you look for when you are in the mood to shop? Do you always look for a certain item in a kit? Elements? Paper? Colors? Etc?

3) What kind of themed kits have you been looking for and can't put your hands on it?

4) What is your biggest pet peeve about a kit once you purchase it? (you wish all designers would know to include, not include, etc)

Thanks so much ladies for your precious time! Your feedback will be very much appreciated!

I will pick one random person to win one of my kits. So get those answers in!

Did you join the forum at Daydreamer Designworks yet? I have decided to up the ante... If you list me as your referrer AND send me a PM to tell me you've joined, I will enter you into a drawing to win one of my kit bundles! Plus you will get a GOOD coupon for my grand opening weekend.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

By the way...

I am still alive.

We had to move last week and life is topsy turvey. I promise to get back into the swing of things soon!

If I was going to make a kit for YOU, what would you want in it?

Come Chat with me and the rest of the new store!

The time is coming for the opening of the hottest site around Daydreamer Designworks! To get you ready for it DigiScrapAddicts is opening up it’s chat room to hear all the gossip about our great new site!

What will we learn about Daydreamer Designworks? Who know’s you will just have to join in the fun! Saturday August 29th 10pm EST ! Remember it’s in the chat room at DigiScrapAddicts!!!

Are you STILL not a member of the new forum? Click here to join, and don't forget to list me, "Jen" as your referrer. If you send me a PM once you've joined, I will send you a GOOD coupon once the store is open. ;)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Stolen Moments CT Call!


You WANT to be on Amber's CT. Her stuff is AWESOME!!! Some of my favorite layouts have come from using her stuff, and she is sooooo sweet! Go apply now!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Sighs BLOG EXCLUSIVE Freebie!!!

This is a blog exclusive!

These are month tags that coordinate with my new kit, Little Sighs. They are done in the same font as the Little Sighs tag alpha, and I included a blank one for your use. :)

Click on the preview to download from 4Shared.

While you are waiting for 4shared to let you download, why not go register at the forum for my new store? Just click my cute siggie tag to go and register.

When you go register, and list me, "Jen" as your referrer. Send me a PM at the new forum once you have registered and I will give you a GOOD coupon for once the new store is open!

There are already a couple of challenges going on and we have a TON of super cute stuff planned!

Come join the fun!

More Little Sighs Layouts

First off, I have a public service announcement. Charmaine and I are going to have kits in the designer challenge in the next issue of The Enabler, the DSA newsletter. So go and subscribe to it. :)

I have some more Little Sighs layouts for you!

This month I am honored to have Amber of Stolen Moments (you might have heard of her, she is doing a guest stint over at Scrap Matters, the lucky girl) as a gust CT member for this kit. She made this GORGEOUS layout with Little Sighs.

Next, I have a layout from the new Wyld Graham Cracker, Angela
Jane (she did two!!) (another new Wyld Graham Cracker by the way)

Laura (She did two!!!)

Laura, Jane, Juli, and Jillian all have quick pages of their layouts for you on their blogs. If you click on their names by their layouts, it will take you to their blogs. :)

And I found these two layouts in the gallery at Gingerscraps... aren't these awesome?

and Carrie won the kit in my blog giveaway... isn't this layout great?

and here is one more from me!
I LOVE my son's squishy little face here... As I went to check on him last night before I went to bed, I noticed how big he is getting now. I miss my little red haired cuddler!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The New Store...

Look at my cute new forum wear...

Don't forget to go register, and list me, "Jen" as your referrer.

There are already a couple of challenges going on and we have a TON of super cute stuff planned!

Come join the fun!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Sighs!

So I have an idea for you all...

I am moving very soon... and I went through my paper scrapping graveyard and found the 500 (I wish I was kidding) pictures I had printed out from when Alton was brand new. I went through them and I found a TON of new pictures to scrap.

I never would have paper scrapped with some of them, but because I digi-scrap, old photos have new life! I know I can do stuff to them to make them better that would not have been possible in paper scrapping. I also would not have discovered them looking at my photo browser on my computer either... so I am really excited I had the paper photos to go through.

So my idea is this: Go through your old printed photos... there might be some gems in there!

Anyway, now that my public service announcement is done, we have some business.

You might have heard, I have a new kit, Little Sighs.

I absolutely love the newborn stage. It is the best sound in the world when your baby is resting on your shoulder and they make a tiny little sigh. So this kit is for scrapping all of those delicious newborn moments! It is filled with lots of stars, ribbon, buttons, ric rac and other scrapping necessities!

The kit is $5.00 in my store.

(So I finally opened the Flergs alpha cutter I bought back on National Scrapbooking day. If you make alphas, you NEED it.)

Anyway, I made this tag alpha that coordinates with the kit. I have to say, this is my favorite of all of the alphas I have made thus far. It comes with the upper and lower case letters and a string and brad for hanging your tag alpha.
It is $3.00

I did another collab with Bethany. She made these AMAZING word art element clusters that just finish the kit beautifully.
They are $3.00 in my store.

Isn't this kit yummy? Wouldn't it be great if there were a bundle for all of the fantastic extra goodies?

Well there is!
The bundle sells in my store for $9.00. That is almost 20% off if you bought the pieces separately.

If you love the word art element clusters, make sure you head over to Bethany's store.
She has another set of the word art element clusters for sale.

and now, the inspiration.

First we have a layout from Jeni who is not on my CT, but she won this kit for free at the Gingerscraps Forum.
I love how she shows it does not have to be a baby kit!

Next from Jenn
Jenn also used my template set for this layout. :)

and from Juli
Juli just got back from a trip to Maui. Lucky girl!

This is the first layout I made with this kit.
I hardly ever re-use a kit and I know I will use this one more than once! By the way, these pictures were photos I found during my paper scavenger hunt. ;)

If you get this kit, please e-mail me and send me a link to your layout. I would LOVE to see it!

Happy Scrapping!

Fantastic New Stuff from Amber!

Amber has made two of the cutest new kits EVER! The first one is a collab with Scraps by Jenn, and is called Play All Day.

Here is my first layout with it! I could not stop using this kit. So I did another one. The elements are FANTASTIC!!! I had problems limiting myself.
I also used Amber's new template pack:

Next is another awesome kit that I could not put down.
Here are two of my layouts that I did with Summer Sailor:
So go get these kits, they are AWESOME!!!!

I also used Amber's Oh So Negative with this layout. The alpha is In the City by Sahlin Studios.

We have a winner!

Congrats mscstephens!!! You won. E-mail me and I will send you a coupon code to get Little Sighs for Free! You can also use your coupon towards:

The Little Sighs bundle!
It includes the fabulous kit, the ADORABLE alpha (I LOVE the alpha in case my caps locks joy wasn't clear) and a totally gorgeous word art collab with Elegant WordArt by Bethany!

You can get the bundle for $9.00 which is 20% off of buying the pieces separately.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Win Little Sighs before you can buy it!

I have a brand new kit coming out this week!

I absolutely love the newborn stage. It is the best sound in the world when your baby is resting on your shoulder and they make a tiny little sigh. So this kit is for scrapping all of those delicious newborn moments!

Reply here with your favorite child raising moments and I will pick a winner Thursday morning!

If you want to increase your chances to win, check out my posts at DST, DSA, and Gingerscraps!

Exciting News!

Hello my lovely bloggie readers, I have some wonderful news! I have decided to join a new store in the fall, called Daydreamer Designworks! I will still maintain my home at Gingerscraps, but I am excited to work with these ladies at the new store.

The new store opens at the beginning of September and they are holding their store CT call right now!

Go join the forum too! There is already fun going on!

The Great Last Name Debate!

So the results are in! The poll clearly shows the correct American pronunciation of my last name. Most American's pronounce Graham like the unit of measure, gram.

From the research I have done, it seems that our friendly neighbors to the North, (Char and the other Canadians) and few select Southern compatriots pronounce it Gray-um. So while I don't agree with the pronunciation, I don't feel like I can call them incorrect. (For the record my husband's family is from North Carolina, and they ALL say gram. It must be a deep south thing.)

All that leaves are the other two pronunciations... I have to ask, are they three of your who picked those mispronunciations telemarketers perhaps? Or grocery store checkers? Because they are the only people I have ever heard mispronounce Graham so badly! LOL. They clearly have not read my blinkie!

Small Changes in my TOU

Please do not share, hotlink or claim as your own.

Please DO NOT share these links, zips, or kits with others. Instead, please refer them to my blog or store to download for themselves.

Please DO NOT use this kit or any other items for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or for anything prohibited by law.

Please DO NOT use these items for commercial projects without prior written permission from myself. (including web design,or any projects which will produce income)

Please DO NOT use my kits to make freebie quick pages without a commercial license.

Please feel free to alter graphics with respect to color or size but DO NOT claim the altered graphic as your own.

Please feel free to submit your layouts using some or all parts of a kit that I have made to any publication as long as you give proper credit to myself.

Please contact me for S4H or S4O use.

If you make a layout with the kit, please email me a link, I would love to see it.

If you post finished layouts using these kit, please give proper credit to myself as the designer of the kit.

My store

My Blog

THANK YOU for following my Terms of Use. This new version replaces any previous TOU.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Did You Know I Tweet?

Ginger convinced me I needed a Twitter.

Follow me!

I have no idea what I will do with it, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back to School Blog Train

All aboard the Back to School Blog Train!

You should be arriving here from Wyld Web Designs

Here is my part of the train:

Your next spot is: Down This Road Designs

You can find the entire blog train list on this blog if you get lost:

Friday, July 31, 2009

Speed Scrap with me this afternoon!

The participation prize for tonight's speed scrap is Papers number 4 and 11 (from the left) from my Summer Wildflowers Paper pack. (Collect all 12!)

Today is the last day of Vacation Bible School at my church and while I hope to be on time... I might be a wee bit late.

C ya this afternoon!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hukilau Honey Friendship Word Art

I've done another collab with the always fabulous Elegant Word Art by Bethany. She used my kit, Hukilau Honey to make some adorable word art.

First, the Friendship pack available in my store:

and the beautiful Sea Elements pack available at her store at Scrap Orchard.

This set includes 4 word art. Shadowed and non-shadowed for your scrapping preferences and is $2.00.