Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tag! You're it!

Alton jumped queue and met Donald Duck for the first time on Katie Scott's birthday.

I was tagged by Julie, fellow Gingerscraps CT extraordinaire.

This is easy. Go to your photo folder. From the 6th Folder, display the 6th picture.... then go and tag 6 unwilling people to do the same. :) The post a note on their blog to let them know.

I tag Charmaine, Rose, Kathy, Stephanie, Sarah, and Belinda. Also, if you are still reading my blog because you haven't recently given up the internet for God or your family, consider yourself tagged too.


Julie said...

Cute Jen!

Simply Sarah said...

hey... love the new blog look! Your kit turned out so cute! I am gonna have to snag it.

Thanks for the challenge!

Anonymous said...

I tagged you!:) here's my blog to find out the info:

kladle said...

Thanks for the tag! I kept forgetting to mention to you that I already did this a while ago. But thanks so much for tagging me! Always so fun!