Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

First off an apology. I did not get the extra elements done for Let's Go Fly A Kite. I will, but not today.

The reason why is this: I have a laptop with a teeny tiny hard drive. So I have always kept my scrapbooking and designing stuff on a portable external hard drive. Well, last Saturday I was finishing this kit, and my son climbed onto my lap and knocked my EHD to the hard wood floor. It died.

I lost EVERYTHING. All of my freebies I have ever downloaded, all of the kits I've paid for, and EVERY SINGLE LAYOUT I HAVE EVER DONE. Luckily, MOST of the LOs I've done, I have uploaded to Costco to print, so I can just order a CD of the jpeg files, but the editable PSD documents are gone. My last four layouts I did, I hadn't uploaded and I only made a quick page out of one of them. Luckily, I hadn't deleted my photos from my laptop yet, but I'd thought about it. I am soooo glad I had not done that yet.

I took my defunct EHD to my local computer guru, and he said I have to send it to one of those specialty places that charges an arm and a leg. I don't know what this means, but he said "it doesn't spin". Which roughly translated means, "Your EHD is fried, that will be $1,000 to set your files free."

So please back up your stuff. All of it. Back up your EHD. I don't want anyone to go through what I am going through. This whole week has been sureal for other reasons as well, but the EHD REALLY put me behind.


Jewelle said...

Jen that sucks, BAD! When I was looking into an EHD for my stuff we talked to our computer guru friend he highly recommended that we DON'T get one. He said they were just to unreliable. They quit for no reason a lot, or they have tragic demises like yours. We got a huge extra hard drive instead, and I back up everything to disks. As soon as we get my DVD burner that will be easier. It is just a suggestion but I would look into the internal hard drive as an option. I like mine better, and it was cheaper :) Course I don't know if that applies for laptop ones. Sorry again about the huge misfortune!

Charmaine said...

*plays taps on her fake trumpet*

chicapooh said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your data loss. We are a computer company, and I hate it everytime someone tells me they have lost their data. It just breaks my heart when everything is lost, because just like you, I have my everything on my laptop. I hope your day and week look better, and know that I am thinking of you. If I can do anything to help, please let me know. chicapooh at yahoo dot com

Cara said...

Oh Jen I am so sorry! The same thing just happened to my mom and everyday I think "I need to back up my stuff" and I don't do it. All of your hard work gone. Makes me sad. I do love the kit though and I wish you luck and divine help in whatever you need!

Melanie said...

Oh, no, I'm so sorry! That's one of my recurring nightmares. Maybe I ought to actually back up all my stuff - especially my photos!

Jaydensmama said...

OMG that is the exact same thing that My son did to mine a few months ago! I also lost everything including my layouts! so I know EXACTLY how you feel, If there is any special thing you need let me know and I will see if I have it, chances are I do cause I am a freebie hunting freak lol. Email me at

knittinjen said...

1. My sympathies, oooh, that is AWFUL!

2. Your son is still alive? Well, you are an AWESOME mommy, then, aren't you, and have something to be proud of!!

3. I saw on some blog (sorry that's my most detailed memory of where) this EHD with bumpers and stuff, made to be more portable.

4. I'm going out to buy a copy of my EHD and backing up my first EHD to my second one. And there's just no WAY to be sure, is there? I'd need a zillion CDs to back up my 250GB EHD, so ... ?

And finally, I'm so so sorry for you!!!

Belinda Milone said...

I am so sorry Jen...I went through the same thing swhile ago...I was on the computer WAY too late one night and I managed to delete my entire picture collection. I went to bed crying - it was ALL the digital photos of the kids birth, everything. My man managed to find a great program to pull back deleted items and the next day I had most of them back. Some are unreadable and some are damaged but at least I got them back.
I hope that the outcome is good:)

Juli and Brett said...

Jen that absolutely sucks!!!!!! I don't know what to tell you except good luck with trying to recover your stuff. I hope that some of designers out there are caring enough to help you recover some of the kits you've downloaded.

Good luck!! and if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know!!!

Marci said...

Oh no, that is terrible news. I am still recovering from virus intrusions thanks to 4shared. Luckily I had the most important things on CDs, but I have lost everything in the past due to hard drive failure. Good luck!