Friday, May 22, 2009

Tonight's Speed Scrap

1. Choose 4 papers and 1 photo.
2. Back your photo with three of your papers and use the last paper for the background.
3. Add a string and a tag.
4. Add 4 flowers, 2 leaves and 1 other element of your choice. Giving you this instruction a minute or two early so you can hunt those down :) (flowers, star clusters, those are the same, right?)
5. Add 2 copies of a flying animal. (SOME elephants CAN fly!)
6. Date your layout, but you can't put all of the date on the tag; it must at least be partially dated some other way...for example, a date slider, text written on one of your papers, etc.
7. Final instruction! You may journal on your tag (and elsewhere if you wish!).

I totally rebelled on my speed scrap. But I LOVED how it came out!

Collaboration between Jacque Larsen, Jenna Desai and Karah Fredricks from The Lily Pad called The Bottom of the Toybox

Word Art by Elegant WordArt by Bethany

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